Donald E. Winant

Professional Experience

commission on accreditation for home care (cahc)

New Providence, NJ 

Executive Director

Since 1986, the non-profit Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC) has set the standard for New Jersey home care.

· Overall leadership and administration of CAHC, its staff and the development of short and long range plans.

· Strategic Planning plan with short-term and long-term goals, including metric methodology.

· Accountable for the financial management of CAHC.

· Monitor and evaluate all services provided and report progress to the Board and make recommendations for changes as needed.

· Provision of timely information, advice and counsel to the President, the Board, and the Board Committees in the creation of policies, programs, and strategic direction of the organization.

· Identify target markets and developing programs which will serve the needs and wants of CAHC’s present and future stakeholders

· Develop marketing plans, based on the strategic plan approved by the CAHC Board of Trustees.

· Grow relationships with various state agencies for the purpose of advocating Commission policies and promoting standards for quality home care services.

· Support compliance with state, federal and local laws and contractual obligations.

· Establish and maintain an effective system of communication throughout the organization, the community, trade organizations, local and state government, managed care organizations as well as all other stakeholders .

· All communication aspects, from web to external relationships, public relations, building partnerships, marketing CAHC.

· Represent CAHC to the community, the media, government agencies, provider organizations and others.




Vice President of Information Technology

Direct the operations of the acquired FIRST BYTE CORPORATION enhancing and expanding its provision of business consulting and technology services for non-profit and governmental entities throughout New Jersey.  

Recruited to return and build two additional startup divisions with target market in the small to medium business arena: off-site, private cloud data backup and a true business continuity practice inclusive of facilities be activated as temporary offices for personnel relocation during any emergent or catastrophic event from fire, lightning, flooding, explosion, hardware or software failures, virus or malware attacks or any other reason.

· Achieved company acclamation as a full spectrum business partner and elevated services to next level true and practiced “one stop” provider of IT technology solutions.


· Generated an initial 30% revenue explosion that has since enabled a consistent 20% growth via service additions among existing clientele and new client development.


· Responsible for marketing, generating proposals and implementing client need solutions.


· Coordinated component installation within our business continuity office suites inclusive of workstations, printers, IP phones, fax machines, office supplies, conference room and kitchen amenities.


· Developed all emergency activation procedures on a second’s notice for client personnel relocation, access to their private cloud backup data, full business processing and forwarding of all phone and faxes  numbers.


· Achieved business model with goal of offering clients true risk factor mitigation should disaster strike with a solid business continuity plan that will work when needed and allow the client to stay in business.



Red Apple Group: NY, NY A multi-billion dollar, 5,000 employee conglomerate, including multiple corporations, and the 42 store New York City Supermarket / Pharmacy Chain that operates as Gristedes Supermarkets.


CIO, Vice President of Information Technology

Directed Information Technology for all the corporate entities within the Red Apple Group. Recruited to elevate and improve business processes and infrastructure.  Global matrix management of 7 direct and 48 indirect reports.  Managed a budget of over $3M as well as $5M of additional oversight throughout the operations, marketing, warehouse distribution and e-commerce divisions of the multiple companies. Reported to CEO.


· Upgraded business culture to a customer centric mission by introducing e-commerce and social media incorporated into a unified warehouse/store operation. Direct customer marketing coupled with the most convenient in-store or on-line shopping experience available boosted sales by $25 million with an escalating upward trend. 

· Reversed company losses by fashioning a forecast model to enable a due diligence review of retail supermarket operations that led to the closure of 12 unprofitable stores.  Company now operates 40 stores with a healthier bottom line and positive cash flow.

· Enabled 5% growth inaugurating e-commerce as the first supermarket chain to offer its entire 45,000 products for online ordering with additional profit margin growth from shipping income.  Customer base increased by over 13,000 as sales had no geographic boundaries and shut-ins and those challenged with disabilities could shop and have their orders delivered very conveniently.

· Produced a state of the art supermarket – pharmacy retailer with cutting edge business intelligence, analytics, point of sale technologies, data security, data and voice integration, 24/7 network connectivity with full disaster recovery / business continuity plans.  Led and managed the supermarket division to be the first ever to offer full product line via ecommerce on internally developed website and with Amazon.

· Unified IT-to-business alignment that generated immediate savings in excess of $1,000,000 in the first year and credited with significant cost avoidance and millions of dollars of productivity savings during the next five years.  Produced working strategy map with a mission and aligned IT strategy and its objectives, accountability and value to that mission. 

· Increased advertising ROI by driving business intelligence to enable solid marketing and customer buying analytics to guide general, promotional and targeted sale campaigns.

· Led the full development of systems to offer, fulfill, ship and deliver products anywhere in the world via total automation within a Windows Mobile wireless processing center from order, to packing and shipment, and customer confirmation.  Much more product was sold with much less human intervention.

· Designed and implemented a Direct Store Delivery system.  Company realized over $150,000 in the first six months alone as store personnel could only receive authorized direct store delivery items and only those items correctly priced.  The system realized another $250,000 annual savings in reduced paper and manual processing costs.  Achieved new transparency, enhanced audit controls and significant error reductions.

· Upgraded intra-corporate, warehouse and store locations to high speed, unified voice and data communications saving over $85,000 per year over prior PBX costs. 

· Collaborated with major wholesale vendors to produce EDI similar systems for speedy and accurate store ordering, receiving goods, inventory control feeds on delivery, and full electronic invoice reconciliation and payment processing saving company over $200,000 in manual data entry costs.

· Designed and implemented a total warehouse distribution system, which brought the facility online to corporate headquarters and each of the stores with 24/7 connectivity.

· Provided store intrusion detection and point-of-sale video surveillance by leveraging existing Carrier HVAC monitoring systems to save over $75,000 a year in hard costs while substantially reducing shrink. 



INSYNC OUTSOURCING CORPORATION: Fairview, New Jersey  A complete "one-stop" technology solutions provider servicing small and medium sized professional businesses, not-for-profit organizations and schools.  Builder of workstation and server hardware, the company’s premise of “making technology work” allows clients to focus on their core business without losing any sleep on technology matters.

Vice-President of Information Technology

Led Information Technology for the firm itself as well as all client outsourcing services.  Led 5 direct and 15 indirect reports.  Reported to CEO.

· Transformed the company from a hardware and software installation and maintenance firm to a prestigious company offering resources and provisions for virtually any service within Information Technology.

· Generated 20% revenue growth by leading business initiatives to expand into a "one-stop" technology solution offering website development, shared hosting and data backup through disaster recovery.

· Led the business model change to expanded, flexible services and forged new customer relationships.

· Directed and coordinated the IT talent for project management and IT solutions – internal and external.

· Established the internal infrastructure and client connectivity to accommodate business growth in the client provision for on and off site data storage, backup and recovery as well as full disaster recovery.


Tri-Comm Systems, Inc. Dumont, New Jersey — IBM Business Partner with Business Management Expertise, Freehold, NJ

Vice-President of Information Technology and Systems Development

Founding partner for a start up Information Technology and Business Consulting firm that became the premier, go to solutions provider for wholesalers and retailers in the Northeast.  Directed client IT operations for wholesalers and retailers with revenue ranging from $200 million to over $1 billion distributing produce thru full grocery.  Full project management, systems design and hands-on application development.

· Built this start up from zero revenue, basement operation to the premier, multi-million dollar boutique solutions provider for wholesalers and retailers in the Northeast.


NCR Corporation, Dayton, Ohio

District Manager and Executive Account Manager

· Record sales achievements in placing NCR mini and mainframe computer systems within the company’s major supermarket accounts throughout the Northeast United States.

Donald Winant